1 July 2024

Size Doesn’t Matter: How Private Medical Insurance Benefits All Electrical Contractors – Big and Growing

Imagine this scenario: Your growing electrical contracting business has just landed a lucrative contract with a tight deadline. Halfway through the project, one of your key operatives falls ill and cannot work for weeks. Suddenly, you’re scrambling to find a replacement, putting the entire project and your business’s reputation at risk. This situation highlights the need for robust health solutions like Private Medical Insurance (PMI). It isn’t just for large corporations – it’s crucial for growing businesses, too.

The Importance of Private Medical Insurance for Growing Businesses

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) generally offers quicker access to healthcare services than the NHS. It helps employees receive prompt and wide-ranging care, which is essential for maintaining productivity and wellbeing in your business.

In businesses with smaller workforces, every team member is vital. If someone gets sick, quick treatment means less downtime and maintained productivity. Here are two key benefits PMI offers to growing electrical contractors:

Quick Access to Medical Care

When your employees need medical attention, waiting weeks for an appointment is not an option. PMI reduces waiting times for GP appointments and specialist referrals. Your team gets the care they need promptly, helping them return to work faster.

PMI also provides greater flexibility to book appointments around work commitments, which is especially important in the electrical contracting industry, where project deadlines are tight and work schedules can be unpredictable. For example, the Bupa Digital GP app, available through ECIS Private Medical Insurance, allows employees to book appointments 24/7 and access UK-registered GPs from anywhere. This flexibility ensures that your team can seek medical advice and treatment at times that suit them best without disrupting their work.

Wide Health Coverage

PMI isn’t just access to in-patient hospital care – it covers a lot more. Think about consultations with specialists, physiotherapy sessions and mental health support. For instance, if one of your operatives suffers a back injury, PMI can get them into physiotherapy quickly. Or if someone is dealing with stress, they can access counselling without long waits. This extensive coverage ensures your team stays healthy and happy, benefiting your business.

How PMI Solves Common Issues for Growing Contractors

Tackling Employee Illness and Injury

When one or two employees are out of work due to illness or injury, operations can grind to a halt, and presenteeism – where employees work while ill – often leads to much lower productivity. PMI ensures quick access to healthcare, reducing downtime and helping employees return to full fitness faster. This keeps your projects on track, clients satisfied, and overall productivity and morale high.

Boosting Employee Retention and Satisfaction

We know it’s a challenge for business owners in the electrical contracting sector to find and keep skilled workers who will look after your clients. Losing reliable workers to other businesses is a real issue.

Attracting and keeping skilled workers goes beyond just offering a good salary. Today’s employees look for benefits that show their employer genuinely cares about their wellbeing. Offering PMI is a strong signal that you’re invested in their health and happiness.

This helps retain your current team and makes your company more attractive to potential hires. Employees who feel valued and secure are more likely to stay loyal, reducing turnover and fostering a positive work environment.

Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

Knowing they have access to quality healthcare reduces stress for your employees. It also increases job satisfaction and leads to better work performance. Healthy employees are productive employees.

Overcoming Premium Cost Concerns

The benefits of PMI make it a worthwhile investment for enhancing productivity and continuity. However, it's natural for a growing company, especially where budgets may be tight, to have concerns about the long-term costs of PMI.

We understand that some business owners worry about large premium increases due to high individual claims from one employee. However, the large membership of the ECIS scheme, which includes over 13,000 members, ensures that individual large claims do not have a disproportionate effect on premiums. By pooling members into a single, extensive scheme, ECIS mitigates the impact of high-value individual claims, providing a more predictable and manageable pricing structure for all members.

Invest in PMI to Help Grow Your Business

Protect Your Business and Employees

PMI reduces absenteeism, boosts productivity and attracts talent. Joining the ECIS Scheme also helps manage costs and ensures wide coverage.

Act Today

Investing in Private Medical Insurance protects your employees' health and supports your business's growth. Don't wait until your next project is impacted by employee sickness. Explore the PMI options available to your business and consider joining the ECIS collective scheme for sustainable rates and wide coverage. Visit www.ecis.co.uk or call 0330 221 0241 to learn more.

About ECIS

Established in 1980, ECIS (EC Insurance Services Limited) is a regulated insurance broker specialising in employee health and wellbeing solutions for electrical contracting businesses. They offer various employee benefit products, including Private Medical Insurance and Employee Assistance Programmes. Achieving Chartered Status from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), ECIS upholds high professional standards and ethical practices to help businesses find the right employee benefits packages.