ECIS Canopy Administration System

Manage your ECA Private Medical & Industry Scheme policies all in one place

Your one stop shop for policy administration

ECIS Canopy gives you the ability to

- Make changes to your policies such as adding or removing employees
- Submit sickpay claims and supporting documentation
- View all of your statements and payment history
- Download key policy documents and guides
- Manage renewals

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“I know how important it is to care for our employees welfare. Them being out of work due to sickness of any kind causes all employers labour problems. It is therefore important to get them fit and back to work as soon as possible. To aid this I provide Bupa healthcare to all our staff and operatives. I would advise all employers to consider providing the same benefits, not only do you owe it to your employees but it will save you a lot of suffering as well.”

Phil Fagg, Managing Director, GW&E Wright Ltd

“We've done the research and we cannot get the quality or level of coverage elsewhere in the marketplace.”

Richard Bowker, Managing Director, Bowker Ltd

Many thanks for your help and support during our integration process to bring four newly acquired businesses healthcare arrangements together under one scheme. ”

Mark Longley, Corporate Services Director, Edwin James

“Dodd Group have noticed a definite positive result in early identification of issues and swifter prognosis and treatment.”

Mary-Ann Clayton, Group HR, Dodd Group