3 June 2024

Boosting Workforce Productivity: How Technology Ensures Easy Access to Quality Healthcare

Electrician on mobile phone

Imagine waiting over two weeks to see your doctor; that’s the reality for over 4.4 million people in the UK every month [A]. And for those needing specialist care? The numbers are even more staggering, with some waiting over a year [B]. These aren’t just statistics—they’re real delays that can make illnesses worse and cause unnecessary discomfort.

Waiting for medical care isn’t an option for those in the electrical contracting world, where every day on the job counts. That’s where ECIS Private Medical Insurance (PMI) comes in. The Scheme offers much faster access to doctors and specialists than the NHS through cutting-edge technology. Because when your lead technician is off sick, it’s not just your schedule that suffers - it’s your company’s bottom line.

ECIS PMI: Built for busy Electrical Contractors

Healthcare needs to work as fast as your business does. We understand that, so our PMI scheme offers you a backup plan for when things go wrong. Let's face it, getting a doctor's appointment can be a hassle for your team, especially when they're miles from home on a job site. And when you’re trying to fit this into a hectic work schedule? Nearly impossible. The ECIS PMI scheme is there to make accessing healthcare quicker and easier for your employees.

Digital GP Appointments: Your Health, Your Schedule

Need to talk to a doctor at 7 AM or during a lunch break? No problem. Bupa’s Digital GP service, included in the ECIS PMI Scheme, lets you do just that. This service adapts to your schedule, not the other way around. And for your team, accessing the healthcare they need is as easy as tapping an app.

Here's how it seamlessly fits into your day: Within 24 hours, anyone on your team can have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor, physiotherapist, or mental health specialist via video or phone call. No travel required—they get the professional help they need right where they're working. Need a new prescription? Struggling with back pain? Feeling stressed? Medical experts are on hand and ready to assist.

And if there’s a need for further treatment, they can arrange referrals too. It's healthcare that fits into their schedules, making it easier and faster for them to get back to feeling great and focusing on the job. This is healthcare that keeps up with the pace of your business.

What This Means for Your Business

Employers: Less time off for your crew means fewer delays. It’s about keeping your projects moving and your clients happy.

Employees: Quick medical appointments via an app mean health issues are tackled before they become serious. It’s about staying on top of your game without stepping off the job site.

Proactive Care with Remote Skin Assessment

With the Remote Skin Assessment service, your team can snap a picture of a skin issue and get advice from a dermatologist within hours. It catches issues early, preventing bigger problems in the future.

What This Means for Your Business

For Employers: Catching a health issue early can mean less downtime later. It’s peace of mind, knowing your team is in good hands.

For Employees: Fast answers mean fast treatment. It’s about less worrying.

Bottom Line? It’s Smart Business

Investing in ECIS PMI isn’t just about doing the right thing for your employees - it’s also about doing the smart thing for your business. It’s a tool to attract the best talent, reduce costly downtime, and position your company as a great workplace.

Investing in ECIS PMI is more than just a kind gesture - it’s a strategic move that sets your business apart. With technology at its core, the ECIS PMI Scheme brings high-quality healthcare directly to your team’s fingertips. Whether they’re in the office or out in the field, essential health services are just a tap away, ensuring your employees get proper care at the right time without delay.

Imagine the impact on your business when your employees have access to doctors, specialists, and mental health services within 24 hours, all through their mobile devices. It means fewer sick days, less downtime, and a healthier, more productive workforce. This level of care enhances your team’s well-being and demonstrates your commitment as an employer to their health and happiness.

Furthermore, this technology-driven approach streamlines the healthcare process - no more waiting weeks for appointments or travelling to clinics. Instead, quick digital consultations can resolve issues faster, prescribe necessary medications, and provide referrals if needed.

By choosing ECIS PMI, you’re investing in the health of your employees and your business.

Ready to Make a Change?

If you’re thinking about introducing a private medical insurance policy for your team or want an expert review of your current healthcare setup, we’re here to assist. Contact the ECIS team today at 0330 221 0241 or email us at ecis@ecins.co.uk to discover how you can maintain your team's health and boost your business productivity.

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[B] https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/rtt-waiting-times