10 February 2022

How to add family members to a PMI scheme

How can you ensure your loved ones can get the care they need when they need it?

As NHS waiting lists increase to 6 million, the effect of the pandemic is starting to be felt across the healthcare industry. As the NHS continue to work tirelessly, staff absences due to required isolation are having a significant effect on the number of people awaiting treatment.  It's not just the critical care system that is being affected either. Of the 6 million patients waiting for care, one in 20 people have been waiting for routine treatment such as knee and hip surgery for over a year.

Helping your employees stay focused and productive

It’s bad enough when we are under the weather or not feeling right but it’s often 100 times worse to see a loved one struggle with ill health.

As an employer, you purchase the JIB benefit credit, which includes Bupa private medical insurance. Did you know that your employees can add family members to the Bupa scheme too. Having peace of mind that their loved ones are looked after can help with your employees' productivity and morale.

If your employee has a spouse/partner and/or children, they can be added to the Bupa scheme so they get the same excellent health care benefits and the reassurance that they have access to services such as the Babylon Digital GP.

How to add family members

Adding family members to a policy couldn’t be simpler. You just need their name, dates of birth and address and they can be added through the Canopy employer portal. Alternatively, the information can be sent to the ECIS benefits team who can process the addition. The premium for the family members can be paid by the company and recovered from the employees' salary or the employee can pay for the cover directly.

For more information, please contact the ECIS Benefits Team at ecis@ecins.co.uk on 0330 221 0241 or visit our website at www.ecins.co.uk